Excess Fat Can Be Put to Good Use with a Facial Fat Transfer

Hollow cheeks are one of the most prominent signs of aging. Our cheeks tend to lose their volume and rosy glow after a certain age. This usually makes us look pale and tired all of the time. It takes away from our overall appearance. If you feel like you’re not ready for facial plastic surgery to correct this issue, then a facial fat transfer might just be what you’re looking for.

Facial fat transfer is also known as microlipoinjection. It is sought out for its ability to restore the plumpness in your cheeks and bring back the attractive contours to your chin and undereye area.

Facial acne scars and depressions can also be treated using facial fat transfer. It can fill in aging-related skin imperfections like frown lines, marionette lines, the nasolabial folds, and many other wrinkles. It can even add volume to your lips to make them look more appealing.

How Does This Procedure Work?

Facial fat transfer is a procedure where your own body fat is taken from places of excess and moved to the face in order to add volume and address imperfections.

Facial fat transfer only takes three steps. The first is gentle liposuction of fat from certain areas in your body where there is excess fat (like your thighs, stomach, buttocks, or jowls). During this step, enough fat is harvested to achieve desired results.

During the second step, the surgeon isolates and purifies the extracted fat cells. This involves removing unnecessary fluids and materials from the harvested fat, leaving only healthy fat cells for transfer.

The third step is injecting the healthy fat cells into the desired facial areas, also known as the fat cell transplantation. This step is performed slowly, carefully, and precisely in order to ensure even deposition of fat cells. This also preserves the health of the cells so that they can thrive in their new location, leading to longer-lasting results.

The fact that it’s your own fat and not an artificial agent that’s being used means that there is virtually no chance of rejection. The body typically does not reject its own tissue (also called autologous tissue), making it a safe and appealing choice.

Am I a Good Candidate?

The ideal candidate for facial fat transfer is any adult seeking to eliminate facial wrinkles, furrows, creases, and depressions. If you’re one of the many people who have lost that natural rosiness to your cheeks, facial fat transfer is a good option for you. If you’re looking for lip augmentation procedures, this is one of the safest options available in the cosmetic industry.

Arranging a Facial Fat Transfer Consultation

If you’re interested in a facial fat transfer procedure, you’ll need to schedule an informative consultation with a skilled medical professional in order to learn more about the procedure. During your consultation with experienced surgeon Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye, you’ll discuss your aesthetic needs and goals. You’ll also look at before-and-after photos and ask any questions that you may have. Contact us to set up your consultation.

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