Liposuction Removes Fat Cells Permanently

If you’re interested in getting liposuction, you may be wondering how permanent your results will be. You’re looking for a procedure that will help contour your body in a way that’s effective and long-lasting.

After liposuction to remove excess fat, the new shape of the treated area becomes roughly permanent. Despite the aging process, the benefits of liposuction can always be seen.

It is important to remember, however, that if the patient does gain weight, their figure will become larger. Because of this, it’s vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure, which means keeping off that extra weight.

How Much Weight Can Be Cut Down by Liposuction?

People should not expect to lose a huge amount of weight with liposuction, as fat is removed from areas that are more important cosmetically. It’s more about the removal of fat than the loss of weight in order to create great aesthetic results.

In appropriate patients, liposuction can help a patient look less heavy and more toned. For patients who are more interested in weight loss, bariatric surgery is the preferred method.

Fat Cells After Liposuction

Liposuction eliminates fat cells on a permanent basis. Liposuction removes the fat cells from the body, and they will never return. But in cases where the patient puts on a lot of new weight, there is the possibility that new fat cells may develop.

When a person who has had liposuction gains a bit of weight, the already-present fat cells grow bigger, and new fat cells can start to accumulate. If there is a body-weight increase of 10 percent or more, development of new fat cells can be expected. This can include areas that have been treated by liposuction.

When a person gains increasing amounts of weight, more fat cells (lipocytes) start to form. The existing connective tissue cells will initially change into lipoblasts (immature fat cells), and with progressing obesity, these cells will turn into mature fat cells.

This process will make the results of a person’s liposuction surgery look less impressive. Because of this, a person who has undergone liposuction should strive to maintain the weight they were at before the procedure and to not gain any weight.

Choose the Right Surgeon for the Job

When it comes to liposuction, it is very important to choose a surgeon that you can trust, one who is able to look after your needs and give you your desired results. Selecting the right doctor can help you be as confident as possible about the procedure before coming in for it.

Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye is a skilled and well-respected surgeon with years of experience in body-contouring procedures and more. The best way to get started with your liposuction procedure is by contacting our office for a consultation with Dr. Kaye.

During your consultation, you will need to ask any questions that you may have in order to ensure that you fully understand the procedure. You can view before-and-after pictures of patients who have gotten liposuction from Dr. Kaye. Not only will this give you an idea about his high level of experience and skill, it will also instill confidence in you.

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