Rejuvenate Your Neck and Get Rid of That Wattle with a Neck Lift

A lower rhytidectomy, also known as a neck lift, is performed to get rid of that flabby skin around the jowls. Developing jowls is an early sign of aging where the skin eventually begins to sag under its own weight. In addition to the natural aging process, it is common for people who lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time to experience these changes as well. It is the ideal solution for people who want a more defined and youthful neck.

Neck lifts can successfully correct conditions like:

• Excess skin and fat around the lower jaw that leads to the development of jowls.

• Fatty deposits under the chin that lead to a double chin when resting.

• Loose neck skin that tends to rest on the collar

• Abnormal banding of the neck muscles that make it look like there are a few layers of skin.

This type of surgery is also great for those who have a pleasing face, but require very minimal corrections where a traditional facelift will prove to be overkill.

Reasons Why Jowls Form

There are several reasons why jowls form. People who were previously overweight and then go on to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time might develop a bit of flab under their jaws. Also, the changes caused by the aging process results in the development of loose skin that droops down around the jaws as well.

There are other cases where injuries to the lower jaw and neck can sometimes form scar tissue that can increase the chances of getting loose skin around the jaw. It can also appear as a hereditary condition as well. Stress can lead to increased levels of fat in the body and that sudden spike can cause jowls to appear.

How Is the Neck Lift Performed

The procedure begins by having the patient anesthetized and then an incision is made from the area around the sideburns, in front of the ears all the way along the hairline to the upper neck. Once the necessary incisions are made, your doctor will remove and redistribute fat to match the desired neck contours. Any loose or weakened muscles will be tightened during this process as well.

Once the necessary corrections are made, your doctor will close and bandage the incisions so that they can heal properly.

The Benefits of a Neck Lift

A full-scale neck lift can help remove jowls to a great extent. However, it has to be noted that results vary between patients and the final look you obtain depends various factors such as your age, level of skin elasticity, and how well suited you are for the surgery.

Neck lifts can help someone who is not pleased with the look of their necks and want to make it look more defined and youthful. It is a safe and highly effective procedure that can provide patients with excellent results.

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