Why Feel Frustrated With Your Lashes When You Could Have Latisse?

Do you often feel frustrated that you don’t have thick, long lashes that could really highlight those gorgeous eyes of yours? To solve this problem, people often wear extensions, but they are so cumbersome and time-consuming; besides they often don’t look natural. There are some great products available, like Latisse, which helps to grow eyelashes naturally.

What Is Latisse And How Does It Work?

Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment that can help your lashes grow naturally. It is best for those who have thin lashes that don’t grow as much as they used to. Latisse is composed of a bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. It is a variation of a glaucoma medication (bimatoprost). Patients who used the medication noticed an increase in eyelash growth. This lead to the formulation of Latisse.

What Latisse does is extend the growth phase of the eyelashes and increases the numbers of hairs that sprout. Eyelashes, like hair on your head, sprouts, grows, and falls. Latisse works wonders on the sprouting and growing phase.

Latisse Application

Latisse should never be applied on the lower lashes; they are meant only for the upper lashes. But you don’t need to worry about your lower lashes. When you dab the solution on your upper lashes with the sterile applicators that come with it, they automatically spread to the lower lashes every time you blink.

You should make sure to remove any make-up and contacts that you have on before you apply the solution. You must be very careful and ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with other areas of your body as it can stimulate hair growth there. Another important thing to note is the used applicators are not re-usable so they must be discarded after each use.

Latisse Results

It takes about a couple of months of regular use to actually see the results provided by the the Latisse treatment. Once the full potential of the treatment has been realized, you can reduce the number of days that you apply the treatment. Instead of doing it daily, your doctor may recommend every couple of days or so.

Latisse cannot permanently improve your lashes, but if you continue to use it, you’ll have excellent eyelashes. If you stop using it, however, Your lashes will eventually return to normal over the course of time.

Possible results that you can expect to see are darker lashes, increased lash thickness, and longer lashes overall.

The Ideal Candidates for Latisse

Anyone with eye allergies or those facing other health issues that revolve around the eyes like a stye or conjunctivitis should not use Latisse. Those with other eye issues must consult an eye doctor before applying Latisse.

Some people may experience mild irritation and redness after the treatment, but these occurrences aren’t common and will stop immediately after a patient stops using Latisse.

Latisse has a tendency to darken whatever it touches (that’s what makes it so great for bold lashes) so if you end up applying it on the eyelid skin or the skin on the sides of your eye, they might darken too. Thankfully, none of this is permanent and will go away with time.

So, if you want natural thick lashes, have no existing health issues, and have realistic expectations, you should consult your doctor to learn more about Latisse.

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