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Get longer, fuller, and darker lashes with Latisse in Clarksville, TN! This eyelash-restoration medication is a popular choice among patients.

Patients with bare lash-line patches or brittle, pale, short, or thin lashes often turn to mascara or false eyelashes. However, the results of false eyelashes are temporary and disappointing – it’s quite easy to tell fake eyelashes from real ones. Additionally, false eyelash application can damage your natural lashes.

Latisse is an ideal alternative to temporary fixes and will enhance the look of your eyelashes naturally over time. It also saves time in comparison to application of mascara and false eyelashes.

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What is it?

Latisse® is the only FDA-approved treatment to help you get longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes.

Is Latisse® right for me?

How does it work?

Is it safe for contact lens users?

How long is the treatment?

*Latisse® results may vary.



*Latisse® results may vary.

*Treatment results may vary.


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