Sculptra Clarksville, TN

Restore Your Facial Volume

Over time, our facial skin loses volume because of a decrease in fat. To restore the contours and fullness of the face, Dr. Mitchell Kaye is pleased to offer Sculptra®. This is an injectable product designed to provide a gradual increase in the skin thickness by generating collagen in areas where volume and fat have been lost. With the fullness and volume restored to the face, your facial appearance can be more youthful and natural. Because Sculptra® gradually replaces lost collagen over time, your facial change should be more gradual, so other people will not notice your treatment – only your youthful appearance.

How does Sculptra® work?

Sculptra® is created from poly-L-lactic acid, which aids in replacing lost collagen. The collagen helps to reduce and smooth out facial wrinkles and folds (from shallow to deep) that have appeared due to aging. The main ingredient in Sculptra® is both biodegradable and biocompatible, and physicians have used it for decades in other forms. Your health and comfort are always our top priorities at the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee.

How long do Sculptra® results last?

In the majority cases, the results from Sculptra® last for approximately two years.

We invite you to contact us soon to learn more about Sculptra® in Clarksville, Tennessee, and to schedule your individual consultation with our experienced facial plastic surgeon.