Do I have to purchase the entire Obagi® system for it to work effectively?

Each part of the Obagi System is designed to work harmoniously with the other parts to transform your skin. The formula in the Obagi System works to balance the pH level and to penetrate ingredients into the layers of skin, revealing excellent results. Please follow the protocol specifically designed for you by your physician and skin care specialist.

Can Obagi products be used during pregnancy?

The non-prescription products in the Obagi system are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing. The prescription products, however, contain hydroquinone and tretinoin have been given a Category “C” rating; women who are pregnant or nursing should not use those products.

How is the Obagi-C Rx System different from other Vitamin C products?

The innovative Obagi-C Rx System is the first and only prescription-strength Vitamin C system of products available in the United States. Many other Vitamin C products moisturize the skin’s top layer, but only the Obagi-C Rx System penetrates down to all layers of the skin, delivering more Vitamin C than other brands effectively can.

Why is Vitamin C important?

Vitamin C is a naturally-occurring antioxidant that fights and neutralizes free radicals that age the skin. Topical Vitamin C, in its most effective form (L-ascorbic acid), can improve sun protection, repair sun damaged skin, reduce fine lines, stimulate collagen building, and reduce discoloration of the skin. Vitamin C can help you maintain vibrant skin and diminish the signs of aging.

What happens if I stop using my Obagi products?

The skin, your largest living organ, is constantly renewing itself. Did you know that skin cells mature and migrate to the surface every 28 days? Dead skin cells remain on the skin’s surface for about another 12 days before sloughing off. If you choose to stop using the Obagi products, you will interrupt the healthy cell renewal process that Obagi is aiding. Over time, the improved cells will revert back to your previous level of health. Within a couple weeks, you will likely begin to see diminishing results.

Why would I choose to have a facelift? What will this procedure do for me?

A facelift can help to rejuvenate the middle and lower third of your face and your upper neck. Facelift surgery is designed to “turn back the clock” five to ten years, giving you a younger and healthier appearance. A facelift can help you look more relaxed, restful, and natural.

What is the recovery time for a facelift?

10-14 days, depending on your unique circumstances.

Will I have obvious scars from a facelift?

To help the enhancement remain discreet, scars are hidden by your hair and ear and are very hard to detect following your facelift surgery.

What are the benefits of having an eyelid lift?

Others can see your eyes again, and you can look more rested and refreshed. You can look less tired, angry, or tense, giving you a younger and gentler appearance.

Will my insurance pay for cosmetic procedures?

Most insurance plans do not pay for cosmetic services because these treatments are generally exclusions.

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