Hand Rejuvenation Can Improve Your Overall Youthful Appearance

While they rarely get the same consideration as the face, the hands are a very visible part of your body. As such, they can have a critical impact on the overall youthfulness of your appearance. As you age, the thin layer of the skin and collagen on the hands loses volume, resulting in visible veins, tendons, and bones. At the same time, increased or unprotected sun exposure can cause excess melanin deposits in the skin, causing your hands to develop dark spots and other blemishes.

The hand rejuvenation treatment options offered at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee seeks to reverse these effects by restoring volume underneath the skin and addressing salient dark spots.

One quick and convenient way to restore the fullness of your hands is to have a dermal filler, like hyaluronic acid, injected into shallow areas of the skin. This will give your hands the full and plump appearance you enjoyed in your youth. In time, the dermal filler will safely be absorbed by your body. This might require periodic injections.

In some cases, the appearance of dark spots can be mitigated with skin brightening and exfoliation creams. Large or deep dark spots might require one or more laser skin resurfacing treatments.

If your hands have lost their youthful fullness or if you struggle with the appearance of dark spots, you should call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee at 866.234.0470 to ask your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye, about our hand rejuvenation treatment options in Clarksville, Tennessee .

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