Improve the Appearance of Dark Spots

Dark spots can appear on your face, hands and upper body as a result of prolonged sun exposure. It is the result of a process known as hyperpigmentation, where the melanin cells in your skin produce too much pigment in one deep layer of the skin.

Without adequate sun protection measures, the spots will develop gradually. In time they can become permanently embedded in the skin. Here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee our cosmetic surgeons offer products and treatments that can help reduce the appearance of dark spots to give you back the look of youthful skin.

The first step in the process often calls for using a skin brightening cream. Some of the most effective brands use a glycolic acid base and prescription grade Retin-A to also increase your skin’s natural exfoliation process.

If you have significant dark spots and issues with reduced exfoliation as a result of skin aging. We might also recommend a microdermabrasion procedure. This will effectively exfoliate the upper layers of the dermis, which can give your skin a more youthful appearance while also removing some of the pigmented skin cells.

If you have concerns about dark spots on your face, hands or other parts of the body, please feel free to call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee’s offices in Clarksville, Tennessee to schedule a consultation.

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