Skin-Brightening Creams Can Help Reduce Dark Spots on Your Hands and Face

Unprotected sun exposure and the natural processes of aging can cause the melanocytes in your skin to produce a high amount of melanin in small, concentrated areas within the dermis. Over time, this can cause dark spots to appear on your face, hands, shoulders, and other visible parts of the body. This process of hyperpigmentation can significantly permeate your skin.

Here at Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee, Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye will often advise using a skin-brightening cream to try to mitigate the dark spots. These creams often use a glycolic-acid base with retinol or prescription strength Retin-A. This helps diminish the dark spots while also encouraging your skin’s natural process of exfoliation. This refreshes and replenishes old skin cells. Not only does this mitigate dark spots, but it also helps your skin look youthful and lustrous.

If you would like, your surgeon could also perform a microdermabrasion procedure, which is designed to maximize the exfoliation process.

With consistent application of the skin-brightening cream and exfoliation treatments, you should see a gradual reduction in the troublesome dark spots.

If you have dark spots on your face, hands or other areas of your body, you should call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee at 866.234.0470 to see if a skin-brightening cream in Clarksville, Tennessee, is right for you.

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