A Speedy Recovery Following a Breast Augmentation

There are a few basic aftercare considerations that Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye wants you to be aware of to help you have a speedy recovery following a breast augmentation surgery.

At the initial consultation, you should tell your cosmetic surgeon about any preexisting medical conditions or medications you are taking. Sometimes we may recommend that you abstain from using aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications before and after the breast augmentation to reduce your risk of bleeding. In some situations, you might need to talk to your primary physician about alternative prescription medications.

Most breast augmentation procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis and often requires that you be fully sedated. You will need to arrange to have someone drive you home and help out for a few days while you get back on your feet. It’s wise to plan on take some time off from work. Even if you are feeling strong, you should still avoid strenuous activities, until Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye clears you for such activities.

After midnight the day before the procedure, you will need to abstain from eating or drinking. It’s also a wise idea to dress in loose fitting clothing to facilitate dressing and moving after the breast augmentation.

Your surgeon might insert a small plastic tube under your skin to help drain minor post-operative bleeding. Your surgeon will explain to you how to properly care for it and any stitches, bandages or dressings.

If you are interested in having a breast augmentation procedure, you should call Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Center of Tennessee at 866.234.0470 to schedule a consultation.

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