Raise the Breasts by Tightening Skin

One of the most effective solutions for sagging breasts is the breast lift procedure. This procedure is something many women choose when they want to reverse the effects of aging or pregnancy.

Sagging is caused when gravity pulls the breasts lower and causes irreversible stretching of the skin. During a breast lift, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the breasts to create natural-looking younger contours.

Eligibility for a Breast Lift

For women who are self-conscious about their appearance and want to have a more proportionate and youthful figure, a breast lift surgery may be the ideal choice.

Good candidates for the breast lift procedure need to be in good health and not be suffering from any diseases that can make surgery dangerous for them. Patients are advised to choose a breast lift procedure once they are not interested in having any more children, since a pregnancy can undo the effects of breast lift procedures, as can breastfeeding.

You will need to have realistic expectations from surgery. In particular, you will need to consult your physician regarding the scope of the surgery and what it can achieve. If you are interested in achieving fuller breasts, then your doctor may recommend choosing a breast augmentation surgery instead.

A breast lift can also be used for correcting other problems that occur with weight changes, aging, and pregnancy. Many women feel that their breasts are asymmetrically positioned, and a breast lift can correct that. The breast lift may also require repositioning the nipple-areolar complex in order to maintain the natural proportions of the breast.

Your consultation process will involve explanations on the type of incision to be used for surgery. There are many techniques used for performing a breast lift, and each technique involves a different type of incision. The incision size, pattern, and location depend on the needs of the patient.

Recovery After the Breast Lift

You will need someone to drive you home after your breast lift surgery, so it’s best to arrange for this in advance. For people who experience post-surgical pain or swelling, the doctor will prescribe medications.

You will need to take time off of work to recover from your surgery. During this time, you will need to wear supportive bandages and drainage tubes. You will need to avoid heavy labor and other strenuous activities until a few months after surgery to ensure full recovery.

Expected Results

A breast lift surgery offers long-term results. The results of the surgery will become clearer a few weeks after the surgery, when the swelling has subsided.

To maintain your results, you will need to maintain a good skin care routine and wear the right supportive garments. You will also need to avoid smoking. Most surgeons insist on performing the surgery on non-smokers only because of the better outcomes. The results of your breast lift may not be permanent due to gravity and the aging process.

Take the First Step

A breast lift consultation is the first step towards perkier breasts. Contact our office to arrange a consultation with experienced surgeon Dr. Mitchell D. Kaye, a skilled medical professional with numerous satisfied patients.

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